Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Its been a while....

Well... Halloween was the last time I've even looked at my blog... boy as things changed :) Here's the fill in for the past several months....
First, Robin married a wonderful Caitlin in September.

Then Derek marries a wonderful Kaela in October.

With all the fantasic times ... sometime we have hard and faith promoting times...
In October also we found out that Derek was diagnosed with cance (sorry can't spell the real name), but the doctors said its a good cance to get. He would have to go through Kimo. We ahsve seen so many blessings as they have had to go through this challenge. His wife Kaela, we found out she expecting a little boy, due in July.

In December, I was lay-off from work, but a "cheer me up" my cousin Terry's in-laws invited me to go to California with them for Christmas. It was so wonderful!! I love Sea World!!!

I was lucky to be able to go back to work at the same company... however they let me go again 6 weeks later... I guess its a blessing telling me thats not where I should be!!

Well heres the big HIT of the year... April 7th... I turned 30!!!
It was a great day... lunch with great friends... dinner with fantastic friends...and then 2 weeks later...

A SUPER BIRTHDAY PARTY ... shared with me dear friend Chelsey... It was incredable!!! A live band, awesome food, killer decorations... if I say so myself!!! I was a masquerade theme and so much fun!!

OH... it doesn't stop there....

One week later after the party which ended up being a farewell party also... I headed to UTAH!!!! I never thought it would happen to me... move and live in UTAH!
My friend Melanie lives in Clinton, UT (10 miles south of Ogden) with her folks and they had a spare room and she asked me to move to Utah. I really didnt have a lot keeping me in Mesa, except family and friends; however I have learned when the Spirit says to do something, I OBEY!!! So I packed up what I could in my Vibe and headed to Utah.
I have lived here for a bit over 2 months now. I am still looking for a place to work and then move to! :) I have had great times. Visiting friends and mission companions I haven't seen in a very long time!! Being here has been a great several months full of patience & faith!!!
Sandy Aquarium..... Oquirrh Mt Temple..... Martin Harris Grave....Logan Temple

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Last Saturday (October 17-18th), we had an awesome Enrichment activity... Recipe Exchange Slumber Party.
We had everyone bring a side or main dish and a copy of the recipe. I think we had enough food to last us for 5 days!! It was so awesome!! We had an AWESOME time!!
We had a fantastic devotional from BethMarie about What IceCream Personality we are; Vanilla, Chocolate, ButterPecan, Chocolate Chip, or Strawberry. It was so funny!!
The best part of the night was CREPES, Beth H. taught us how to make them!! OH SO DELICIOUS!!! We then just hung out and talk... ya know like girls do!!

The next morning, we had a very choice experience. We went to help set up for a fundraiser carnival, who I later found out was for a guy I went to high school with, Christian Nielson and his wife. They were hurt in a bad plane accident. He is doing pretty good, however she is still going through major recovering. It was a humbling experience for me!!

Grandma & Grandpa Beach

In September, I took Kristin, Kylee, and David to G&G Beach for the weekend in Lakeside. We had so much fun!! We helped grandpa in the garden and learned a bit about gardening. We helped grandma move some year supply cans, and of course its not a trip to grandma's without a puzzle.
We had a blast picking corn too. David was up at 6am ready to do something, so he went and picked corn for breakfast. OH SO YUMMY!! Later that afternoon, we picked 10dozen of them!! Grandpa showed us the proper way to prepare for delivery. I just love the fall!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Love the HAIR!!

So, I noticed I haven't updated anything in weeks...because its been some crazy times. I will have to make a slide show of all the events or something. I just wanted everyone to know...I'm still here!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Boy did we have a GREAT time!!!!
Derek was so awesome and took Kristin, Kylee, David, Robin & myself on his boat!!
Now if you know the BEACH clan...we go big in every way!! So, you can image what it was like in the broad with ALL of us!! Hilarious is an under statement!! It was the best balancing act of all times!!
The best was when we hit a wave just right and got to much water in the boat. We first tossed the kids in the water...with life jackets on just so you know...as we tried to get rid of the water. NO success. We had to end the boating there.
We took the kid to a small beach area were they swam and tried to bury David. Then we ate a little lunch on top of the picnic table because there were so many ants, then headed home!!! What a great day!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Call me crazy but these guys rock!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I was on the RADIO!!!!

Today was a great and very cool day!! This morning on KNIX Matt & Ben were talking about mustaches and facial hair. So they posed the question "Why do men get so attached to their staches and what are the reasons you wouldn't shave your's? And who are the sexy men with facial hair?" I called was lucky enough to get through!!! Yes, I was on the radio with Ben & Matt. I told them about my dad & his 30+ year old mustache. My reasoning (not really knowing my dad's reason) I told them "how ugly it would looked if he shaved & it left a big white spot because it never got sun!" They responded that a little sun could fix that.
I then mentioned the "Tombstone" charactors (Kurt Russell, Bill Paxton and Val Kilmere) and how good-looking they all were because of facial hair!! Which totally made Ben's day because he could then do a Bill Paxton impression!! Bythway, he does an awesome impression too!!
It was a great wasy to start the day!!! Hurray for FACIAL HAIR...well men's!!!